Predix Catalog

Presenting a wide variety of cloud-based products in a way that makes sense to the user.

When the number of Predix product offerings started to take off we needed to reconsider how to present all the services and analytics in a way someone new to Predix would understand what each of these elements is, and what can they build with them.

My role was to make an assessment of the things currently offered within the Predix catalog, categorize them, and determine what didn't belong there. Then conceptualize how to present the items that stayed in each of their corresponding categories, enabling the user to search and filter based on different criteria, but most importantly, introduced the concept of Solutions, a section within the catalog that presents different "blueprints" of web apps someone can build to solve for specific industrial IoT problems, like that, showing the user what offerings from the catalog they might need to build something like any of the solutions shown.

In addition to the information architecture of the catalog, the structure of the product detail pages had to be standardized to further help with the understanding of the products when navigating from one product to another.

At the end I prototyped the concept to put in front of some users and validate how successful this solution would be. It was very well received by the testing subjects as well from stakeholders.

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A San Antonio, TX-based human-centered designer.